CMV PCR (Non-blood sample)

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CMV PCR (Non-blood sample)


Cytomegalovirus PCR; Cytomegalovirus DNA

Preferred Specimen

Tissue/Biopsy; other specimen type (see notes)

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  • Biopsy tissue (cardiac, gut, lung, brain tumour tissue, placenta, etc.)
  • Other acceptable specimen type for CMV PCR (From LabPlus)
  • Amniotic fluid - 5mL in sterile container
  • Bronchioalveolar Lavage (BAL) 2mL in sterile container transported at 4C
  • Paraffin blocks containing tissue
  • Infant <3 weeks of age only: urine collected in sterile container if congenital infection suspected
  • Stool samples from immunocompromised patients with suspected CMV colitis where biopsy is contraindicated
  • Dried blood spots Guthrie card testing for congenital CMV - minimum of 6 Guthrie card 3mm punch samples required

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LabPlus (via Waikato Hospital Laboratory)

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