Hepatitis C Viral Load

Test Information

Test Name

Hepatitis C Viral Load


HCV Viral Load, Hep C RNA, Hep C PCR

Preferred Specimen

2x 6mL EDTA

Testing Location

PLBOP; Referral

Processing Information

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  • DO NOT share sample; dedicated tube required
  • Aliquot into nunc tube

Site Specific Notes

- Waikato

Referral to Waikato Hospital Laboratory

- Tauranga

Process inhouse Microbiology

- Whakatane

Process in PLBOP Microbiology

- Rotorua

Process in PLBOP Microbiology

- Taupo

Process in PLBOP Microbiology

Alternative Specimen


Aliquot Instructions

Inhouse testing: EDTA Plasma (ideally 2 x 6ml tube but 1 is acceptable) preferred but Serum also acceptable. After centrifugation plasma and serum may be held at 15-35C for 24 hours or at 2-8C for 3 days (72 hours) prior to testing. During long weekend(more than 72hr) like Easter they should be frozen. Plasma and serum specimens are stable frozen (-70 to -18C) for 6 weeks. Plasma and serum specimens are stable for up to 3 freeze/thaw cycles.



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External Referral Information

Referral Location

Waikato Hospital Labroatory

Send Away Notes

Requires dedicated blood tubes - EDTA plasma preferred or serum. Spin sample down and 3/4 fill screw top nunc tubes with plasma and freeze within 24 hours of receipt. Use multiple nunc tubes as required. Specimens separated into thin-walled plastic tubes are unacceptable.

Send Away Volume

1 mL Plasma/ Serum

Send Away Transport


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