Apolipoprotein E genotype

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Apolipoprotein E genotype


Apo-E Genotype



Price Disclaimer

Many services are free for eligible patients. A minimum charge may apply. Prices listed are for unfunded, individual, requests. Please contact us for commercial testing.

Preferred Specimen

EDTA (Whole blood)

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Turn Around Time

4 weeks

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From 1/9/2020 all requests will be assessed by a Pathologist before being approved for testing to proceed.

Criteria for acceptance:

  • Appropriate requests from specialist neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, geneticists, cardiologists, and chemical pathologists will be approved.
  • For requests from General Practitioners the clinical indication for testing must be clearly stated on the request form.
  • The laboratory will not accept requests without a referral from an appropriate doctor.

If clinical information is not provided, or does not provide appropriate justification for the test, the request may be declined.

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  • DO NOT share sample; dedicated tube required
  • DO NOT centrifuge; whole blood required
  • DO NOT freeze sample



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Canterbury Health Laboratory (via WHL)

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