Cell Markers/ Immunophenotyping analysis

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Cell Markers/ Immunophenotyping analysis


Flow cytometry; Lymphocyte cell markers/ Immunophenotyping; Lymphocyte subsets; CD markers; CD3; CD4; CD8; Cd19; CD55; CD56; CD59; Sezary Cell flow cytometry; T4 T8 lymphocyte studies; Natural Killer Cells; T cells/ B cells subpopulation



Price Disclaimer

Many services are free for eligible patients. A minimum charge may apply. Prices listed are for unfunded, individual, requests. Please contact us for commercial testing.

Preferred Specimen

Heparin (Whole blood) ; EDTA (Whole blood)

Testing Location


Turn Around Time

1 week

Collection Information


Whakatane area Monday - Wednesday collection only. PLR area Monday - Thursday AM collection only. PLT Monday - Wednesday collection only. Waikato & other Bay of Plenty area Monday - Thursday collection.


  • No self-request. Request via GP/Specialist with full clinical details provided.

Processing Information

Registration Code



  • DO NOT centrifuge; whole blood required
  • Dedicated EDTA is preferred but shared EDTA is acceptable
  • Process ASAP; Must be analysed within 48 hours of collection
  • See notes for PLBOP

Site Specific Notes

- Tauranga

Registration code CD4 for HIV + patient requests from Tauranga Hospital or Hepatitis Foundation. Clinical details may say "on ARV". Send sample directly to Lab+

- Whakatane

CD4 - HIV positive patients requests from Dr Gimwade or Hepatitis Foundation: Send sample directly to Lab+



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Waikato Hospital Laboratory

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Must reach WHL by 11am Friday

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