Coagulation Factor Assays

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Coagulation Factor Assays


FII; FIX; FVII; FVIII; FIX; FX; FXI; FXII; FXIII; Chromogenic factor assays


Price varies

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Many services are free for eligible patients. A minimum charge may apply. Prices listed are for unfunded, individual, requests. Please contact us for commercial testing.

Preferred Specimen

Citrate x 2

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Collection Information


  • Clinical must direct tests to be performed.
  • For all Factor Assays: Double spin citrates, separate & freeze within 8 hours of collection
  • For all Chromogenic Factor Assays: Double spin citrate, separate & freeze within 4 hours of collection
  • For all Inhibitor Screen: Double spin citrate, separate & freeze within 6 hours of collection

Processing Information

Registration Code

See notes, Processing Query


  • Use "Processing Query" to HAematology to confirm test(s) required
  • Test code FACA = All factors between I - XII excluding Xa
  • Test code FII = Factor II (2)
  • Test code FVII = Factor VII (7)
  • Test code FACT = Factor VIII (8)
  • Test code FACH = Factor VIII Inhibitor
  • Test code F8CR = Factor VIII Chromogenic Assay
  • Test code FACR = Factor IX (9)
  • Test code F9CR = Factor IX Chromogenic Assay
  • Test code F10 = Factor X (10)
  • Test code A10 = Factor Xa/Anti Xa
  • Test code F11 = Factor XI (11)
  • Test code F12 = Factor XII (12)
  • Test code XIII = Factor XIII (13)

2x Citrate tubes are sufficient to cover multiple factor assays.

Site Specific Notes

- Waikato

Ring & inform Waikato Hospital Haematology Department for any urgent factor assays

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Waikato Hospital Laboratory

Send Away Notes

Any urgent factor assays or inhibitor studies, e-mail with patient NHI and investigation being requested.