Foetal Demise & Maternal investigation

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Foetal Demise & Maternal investigation


Stillbirth; Still birth; Perinatal loss investigation

Preferred Specimen

2x SST; EDTA; 6x Citrate; 6mL EDTA; Heparin

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  • Usually Includes: Kleihauer (KLER), Thrombophilia Screen (THRO), Coagulation Screen (COAP), Complete blood count (CBC), Anti cardiolipin antibody (CLIP), Lupus Anticoagulant (LUPA), Group (GRP) and Screen (ANSC) , HbA1c (HBAC), Urea, Creatine and Electrolytes (UCE), Uric Acid (UA), Liver Function (LFT), Toxo (TIGM), Rubella (RUB), CMV (CMVT), Syphilis (SYPH), Parvo (PARV) , Karyotype (KARY)

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