HPV Primary Screening

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HPV Primary Screening




$70 (HPV Swab)/ $55 (LBC)/ $125 (Co-test)

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Many services are free for eligible patients. A minimum charge may apply. Prices listed are for unfunded, individual, requests. Please contact us for commercial testing.

Preferred Specimen

HPV Swab kits / Surepath LBC vials

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SELF (for HPV swab only); LBC (for SPT only) or BOTH (HPV swab and SPT both received)


  • HPV Primary Screening program starts from Tuesday 12th September 2023.
  • The HPV test can either be performed on Liquid-based cytology (LBC) sample (SurePath), or utilising a self-collected or clinician collected vaginal swab. You must use the HPV specific swab and buffer tube.
  • Cytology will still be utilised but as a reflex test for HPV positive patients or co-test in symptomatic patients.


  • Please ensure the 2D barcodes at the top of the buffer tube label are NOT covered. If these are covered then a recollect will be required.
  • If using sticky labels, please ensure there are no flags or tags otherwise the tube will not fit into the instrument racks.

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Collection of Dual samples (both SurePath LBC and HPV Swab)

  • If collecting a SurePath LBC sample, we do not require an accompanying HPV swab collected.
  • If both samples are received, we will only be testing the LBC sample for both HPV and Cytology screening, with the swab being discarded.


Sample Storage

HPV swab kits are stable at 2-30C until expiry date on the buffer tube. Once the HPV swab in the buffer tube it is stable for 15 days at 2-30C. The SurePath LBC vial is stable for 4 weeks at Room temperature.