Lymph node

Test Information

Test Name

Lymph node

Preferred Specimen

Lymph node

Collection Information


Theatre to call and inform lab that a fresh sample is arriving.

Processing Information

Registration Code

See notes


Fresh lymph nodes have

1) Sample for Pathlab Histology (Fresh or formalin) register as HIST

2) Sample for Flow cytometry, register on another number as FLOT. The form should be clearly marked "For Flow Cytometry" and this sample is to be sent to Waikato DHB Cytogenetics department for Flow Cytometry in RPMI

  • Follow Specimen Services & histology procedures, any query contact Histology HOD

External Referral Information

Referral Location

Waikato Hospital Laboratory

Send Away Notes

Sample send in RPMI to WHL. Do not require imprint slides. Prefer a piece of tissue of about 10mm. RPMI sample need to be kept at 4C.