Mumps PCR

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Mumps PCR


Mumps virus RNA



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Many services are free for eligible patients. A minimum charge may apply. Prices listed are for unfunded, individual, requests. Please contact us for commercial testing.

Preferred Specimen

Viral Swab

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Turn Around Time

1 week

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  • A viral buccal swab for mumps PCR is the recommended sample. It should ideally be taken within 3 days, particularly in previously vaccinated patients.
  • Include history of MMR vaccination and date of onset of symptoms on the laboratory request form.
  • Mumps virus is a notifiable disease and requires contact tracing by Public Health.
  • After collection of a sample, the room will need to shut for up to 2 hours. Clean and wipe surfaces with either Isopropanol or Trigene.

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Alternative Specimen

Clean catch urine during the acute phase of disease



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