Neutrophil Oxidative Burst measurement

Test Information

Test Name

Neutrophil Oxidative Burst measurement


Flow cytometry using the fluorescent dye DHR (dihydrorhodamine 123), Neutrophil function test

Preferred Specimen

2x EDTA (Whole blood) + 2x EDTA (Whole blood) from control person taken at the same time

Testing Location


Collection Information


Monday - Wednesday collection only for Whakatane. All other regions Monday - Thursday collection only.


  • A control specimen MUST be included with specimens so that the effects of transport and storage can be ascertained.
  • Sample must be collected early morning

Processing Information

Registration Code



  • Notify referral laboratory sample been sent 3074949 extension 22061
  • This test has replaced NBT (Nitro Blue-Tetrazolium)
  • Samples must be tested on day of collection, and must be received in LabPlus by 1400 hrs.
  • External Labs please send in an URGENT bag clearly indicating that this is an URGENT time critical specimen.

Site Specific Notes

- Waikato

Refer patient to WHL

- Tauranga

Send sample directly to referral laboratory

- Whakatane

Send sample directly to referral laboratory

- Rotorua

Send sample directly to referral laboratory

- Taupo

Send sample directly to referral laboratory

External Referral Information

Referral Location


Send Away Transport

Store at 4 degrees immediately after collection and transport samples at 4 degrees

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