NPM1 Acquired Mutation - Nucleophosmin 1

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NPM1 Acquired Mutation - Nucleophosmin 1

Preferred Specimen

EDTA (Whole blood), paired bone marrow aspirate (EDTA) see notes

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Mon to Thurs collection only

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  • DO NOT centrifuge; whole blood required

  • DO NOT share sample; dedicated tube required

  • DO NOT freeze

  • Please refer to Waikato Hospital website for detailed information re testing

  • All requests are to go to Waikato Hospital to be triaged. No direct sending to other labs.

  • All Bone marrow samples (EDTA) to be accompanied by 2 EDTA Peripheral blood samples. Please clearly identify which are BM samples and which are PB samples on the tubes.

  • NPM1 MRD Type A: Testing performed at LabPlus via Waikato Hospital Laboratory

  • NPM1 MRD non-type A (e.g. Type B,C,J): testing performed at Peter Mac Cancer Centre (PMCC) Melbourne via Waikato Hospital Laboratory

  • Please email the following info on the day that the sample has been taken so that Waikato Hospital Laboratory are aware that the samples are coming and they can organise couriers, etc. Be sure to identify what NMPI mutation is coming i.e. Type A or non Type A as these have very different requirements

  • Email address:;;

  • Email example below:

ABC1234 NMP1 ? Mutation samples


We are sending a BM and PB samples on the above patient for NMP1? Mutation. Samples will be on the next courier leaving at (date/time)

Kind regards

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Waikato Hospital Laboratory

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Email to Waikato Hospital Laboratory, see Notes

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