Platelet Antibodies

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Platelet Antibodies


Platelet Abs; HPA Platelet antibody screen

Preferred Specimen

CPDA x 3; Plain tube x 3

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Collection Information


Monday - Wednesday Collection only for Whakatane; All other region Monday - Thursday Collection only. Rotorua collections before 8am.

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5th July 2023 Update from NZBS

NZBS no longer offer platelet antibody testing including the Platelet Associated Antibody (PAA) test for general community cases. (i.e. patients with low or suspected low platelet count which are not referred by a specialist)

Platelet antibody investigations will continue to be performed for suspected immune mediated platelet refractoriness, neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT) and drug induced thrombocytopenia cases.

  • PLBOP requests register as PLAT
  • All other labs register as REF
  • DO NOT centrifuge; DO NOT refrigerate

Site Specific Notes

- Tauranga

Send directly to referral laboratory

- Whakatane

Send directly to referral laboratory

- Rotorua

Send directly to referral laboratory

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New Zealand Blood Services

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