SCID Flow Panel

Test Information

Test Name

SCID Flow Panel

Preferred Specimen

Heparin (Whole Blood)

Testing Location


Processing Information

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  • DO NOT centrifuge; whole blood required
  • DO NOT share sample; dedicated tube required
  • DO NOT freeze or refrigerate
  • Specimen must arrive at Lab+ within 24 hours

Site Specific Notes

- Waikato

Refer patient to WHL

- Tauranga

Send directly to Lab+

- Whakatane

Send directly to Lab+

- Rotorua

Send directly to Lab+

- Taupo

Send directly to Lab+

Alternative Specimen

EDTA (Whole Blood)

External Referral Information

Referral Location


Send Away Transport

Room temperature. Notify Cell Marker LabPlus 09-3078995 ext 22061 once sample has been dispatched.

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